Winter, ’tis the rizzle for asthma shizzle


I know the winter months are coming when I see the light frosts on the paddocks and windscreen, the soccer season starts, and Lincoln starts battling fortnightly colds and resultant asthma.

Fraser had his first soccer match last Saturday. He claims to enjoy it even though he walked around with slumped shoulders whenever there was a pause in the game. He was a keen runner and enthusiastic with his kicks. He did well enough to get an award for his great kicking.

I was worried that I couldn’t find a pair of white shorts anywhere in his size but as you can see, the jerseys are so long on all the kids that you can’t even see the shorts. It’ll be interesting to see whether he wants to return to soccer after one season. I know I didn’t when I was only a little older than him.

Lincoln, on the other hand, has been a little challenging this week. Not through any fault of his own, but possibly mine! wahhh! I took him to the doctor’s surgery on Friday to discuss preventing asthma throughout the coming winter. He’d already had two episodes within a month and I knew this would be a fortnightly drama. So the doctor prescribed another longer acting reliever that is an adjunct to Ventolin.

At the time, I thought it was a preventer so I went away happy. I’ve since found out from experienced parents of asthmatic children that it’s not a preventer at all. I also had him vaccinated for Flu. Then on Sunday he developed a cold and is still shaking that and the asthma, AGAIN. I feel terrible that I took a healthy boy to the doctor and came away with nothing useful, and with a burgeoning illness, to boot.

Further dicussion with an Experienced Parent has led to me making an appointment with a different doctor in another town who is proactive and well informed on all things asthma related. That’s on Monday. In the interim I’m monitoring his asthma behaviour on an appropriate worksheet and keeping the ventolin up to get him over this episode.

He’s had his third course of corticosteroid in two months and that’s just not a good enough treatment plan. Even before he had his bronchiolitis last August I could hear wheezing with every cold or infection. No doctor has been prepared to accept that I might have been right.

I look forward to Monday with high expectations.

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