35th Annual Festival of muser

1. Cat's Pyjamas print by yellowmonday on Etsy, 2. Japanese tea set from Monica, 3. small bowls from bindy, 4. Handmade card by Fraser (with Nanny's help).

We held a little soiree in a local restaurant for my birthday on the weekend. Family and friends travelled from Sydney for lunch, as well as a few local friends and neighbours. We had a great day, and a fun night with some of our friends sleeping over.
I received some lovely presents. A “Cat’s Pyjamas” print from Etsy, and some handy little bowls and a Japanese tea set that all go superbly with my newly painted dresser. I love the handmade card that Fraser made with Nanny’s help. There was a gift voucher for the local plant nursery, as well as one for kikki-k, a big umbrella with butterflies all over it, and some nice smelly candles and soaps. Thank you everyone!
We carried the Festival over to Sunday when we went out to see a movie. I think Lincoln enjoyed his first movie but he wasn’t as transfixed as I remember Fraser being at a similar age.

It’s nice to have Fraser back from his week away and the house has returned to it’s regular hum of noise. I’m getting myself mentally prepared for my new 3-day regime of dropping Fraser to before-school care, then Lincoln to daycare, then to work, and in reverse at the end.

Actually, I’m a little stressed and I imagine it won’t subside until I’ve completed one full week successfully within all time constraints.

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