The Juggling Act

I hope you had a lovely Easter. Ours was fairly quiet. Some family, some chocolate and some time off. Life has been fairly busy at Casa de muser. Not outwardly though, we’ve had busy little minds.

I was looking forward to Fraser starting school. I dreamt of hours of time to myself, or time with just Lincoln. This is not the reality. With the ferrying to school and back on days off, a round trip of 45minutes each time if you hurry, and then mixing those school hours in with my standard office hours it is simply..mayhem.
Fraser joined the soccer team but he’s missed all training so far because we’ve been unable to get him there on a Thursday afternoon.

Matt has travel opportunity with work which means he may be out of the picture more often on a day-to-day routine level. So we’ve been constantly thinking and discussing over the last few weeks trying to find ways to alleviate scheduling dramas. We have never actively thought and discussed more in our lives. Even for such milestones as getting married, having children, and buying property. We’re both feeling a little more empowered with the process of living. We’re making considered decisions instead of, pretty much, throwing at a dartboard. My poor brain is getting tired as it’s been on autopilot for so long. I’m used to a clapping monkey in there, not thinking about things of substance.

Anyway, decisions have been made. Though they are somewhat fluid, and may change. But for now, we’re doing a basic landscaping job, finish styling the inside of our house, considering moving in 5-6 years time so we’re closer to better highschool options, and possibly closer to family.

In the interim we plug away at the work/school treadmill but I’ve decided, after Lincoln turns 2, to spread my part-time work load over four shorter days so I can pick Fraser up from school each day, and take him to after-school activities. Until then, he’ll be doing before and after school care on my three work days.

Of course, it makes most sense, financially and logically, to just leave my job but I’m a bit attached to it. It’s part of my personality.

But is it, really? I’m considering doing this course to see if I can scratch the surface. Who is muser, really?

Do you really know yourself? How do you manage The Juggle, if you have kids?

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  1. Looks like a course you would really like Aprill!

    Our Juggle isn’t too bad yet, but I’m doing somersaults of terror over how it’s going to be once we have two, particularly with me still not driving! We rely on Sanjay’s parents to pick Asher up from Kindy one day per week and on the flexibility inherent in Sanjay’s job.

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