At last, my long running project is finished. I just need to rough up the doors and screw them back on but voila!

I took a lot of inspiration and motivation from this site lately. There are some terrific ideas on this blog and if I lived in the same country I would be stalking that shop all.the.time.

Wallpaper is more difficult to apply than I expected. The metallic copper finish brilliantly shows off my bumpy bits and dodgy seams but for a first effort, I’m impressed with the outcome. Can you believe I started repainting this unit about a year ago?

I picked up two matching remnants of Florence Broadhurst cranes wall paper from the Signature Prints sale a couple of weekends ago. I think it works well.

Now for a couple of copper accessories in the kitchen to balance it up. Perhaps a copper pendant light over the dining table?


  1. OMG !
    This looks fabulous….. well done honey!
    I love it……….can’t wait to see the next project. luv ya xxxx

  2. I can’t take my eyes of it.And the color is cool.It is right my color.Thank you for the given site from where you have taken a lot of inspiration and motivation.

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