If only

If only there was an extra hour in every day. It feels like it made such a difference. Even with a sleep-in, I managed to get most of the kitchen dresser painted, kitchen cupboards washed, played with the boys and long chats with neighbours.
Tomorrow, I hope to finish the painting and apply the wall paper to the back of the top part.
I’ll be so glad to get this job finished. It’s been a long project which will have a big impact, I’m sure.

My next mini-project is to make this frame into a pinboard for the office.

I found it in an antique store on my way home about a week ago. I’ve been looking for something like this so as soon as I saw it I snapped it up. Somebody has already painted it silver and I think I quite like it the way it is. I just need to take out the mirror and cover the board with wadding and fabric.

We’ve had a very chaotic week with one car in for repairs all week. It’s created major headaches with attempting the school run, I’ve been late for work, leaving work early, Matt’s missed out on a couple of Sydney trips, we’ve had to call on friends to help us with getting Fraser home. All this has spurned many talks about Matt’s future career and travel prospects and how this clashes badly with getting Fraser to school. So we’ve decided to arrange before and after school care for my work days. It means me doing a complete round-the-district trip which just about doubles my work commute. We’ll have to be super-organised in the mornings but at least it removes the reliance on other factors.
In an indirect way, it’s pushed us to try a second attempt at fixing our yard. We’ve got a neighbour this time who’s keen to help so we’ll have a simple level block, some of it turfed, and we can start enjoying our outdoors alot more. 

In other news, we went up to school last Friday for Fraser’s parent/teacher interview. He’s been going very well, showing abstract thinking in terms of maths, and initiative with constructing sentences. He’s delightful, affectionate, compassionate, and laughs at the teacher’s jokes. He’s a good singer in choir, and plays his part well when called upon to do a bit of acting. We’re so proud to hear he’s doing so well. I must remember to tell his pre-school teacher at daycare this week.

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