I’ve finally got around to experimenting with my Christmas present. Here’s a stack of recycled paper drying made from the ripped up bits of christmas wrapping paper.

This is what happens when you mix green and yellow. There’s lots of potential for this particular crafty activity but I think it will take some practice. The sheets turned out a bit too thick and I need to set up a better system to work with.

The vege patch is coming along well. The broccoli plants are taking off nicely.


And the little seedlings in Fraser’s green house are getting ready for transplanting.


I’ve prepped the bottom half of the kitchen dresser for painting as soon as I get time. I go on a wallpaper hunt this weekend to Porter’s Paints and Signature Prints. Signature Prints is having a sale this week so I’m hoping to pick up some snazzy remnants.

Another project I started this week is pulling all the recordings from digital video to my computer in hopes of editing together some DVDs. They go back to when Fraser was born and there is some seriously bad footage of me post-birth. So completely exhausted and so obviously in shock. Anyway, it’s a long-term project as I don’t really know what I’m doing with these videos yet, except that I want to blend in some digi photos and make a video of each year.

I’m making headway on my to-do list. It’s a good feeling. Once we get the kids’ playing field (i.e. lawn) done, I’d like to get back to fixing up the chooky area.

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  1. My mother regularly burns out the motors of blenders and food processors when she makes paper. May I humbly suggest thinking about the paper for scultural type things, as well as just ‘paper’ – the thickness and texture becomes a lovely, lovely feature.

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