Our weddings bonanza has gone off without a hitch. (No pun intended.) The kids behaved remarkably well considering they haven’t been babysat by a ‘stranger’ for about 18 months (when we out for dinner in Fiji). They both ate all their dinner and went to bed easily. Angie was impressed.

This wedding was quite a different affair from the first one we attended though just as enjoyable for catching up with family.

We had lots of active quality time over the weekend. Matt and Fraser bike riding, Lincoln playing in the park. We met up with mothers group friends at another park.

On Friday, we were excited to be watching Fraser’s first sports carnival.

He’s in Hume Red and he participated in 50m and 100m races, and the tunnel ball, captain ball, and tug-of-war.


Our local police lady judged the house marches and she even ran along with the stragglers to encourage them over the finish line.
Fraser’s favourite event was Tug-of-war. It’s wonderful seeing him so willing to participate.

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