I found some time to finish the top half of the kitchen dresser. The second coat is done. I just need to sand it and rough it up a bit before starting on the bottom half which has 2 cupboard doors and a couple of internal shelves. A little more fiddly and time consuming. I’ve scheduled in a visit to Porters Paints when we’re in Sydney at the end of the month. Hopefully I can find an attractive roll of wallpaper, ideally discounted.

I’ll be glad if I can get this project finished amongst all social engagements. Last weekend we had a wedding and two kids birthday parties. This weekend we have another wedding, in Sydney this time, so we scheduled a get together with mothers group friends for the Sunday. The following weekend is another kid’s party, followed by the Goulburn Show. The final weekend in March is a 2 year old party and some hanging out time with Bindy and Mr P.
That’s every weekend this month booked, and April is starting to look similar.

The ‘local’ Southern Highlands wedding we went to last weekend was a good night. Swisho venue, champagne, canapes and a new outfit. How could one not have a good time?

A&H wedding, Briars Bowral

What’s even better is recognising another guest there whom you worked with around ten years ago and reminiscing about old times. I do love discovering connections between people that you didn’t know were there. Six degrees.. indeed. Less, in this case.

Fraser and Lincoln were well behaved for their Grandma and Grandpa who stayed over to look after them and wake up early with them so we could sleep in. Nice.

This weekend will be a little different. My parents are away, and the in-laws will be at this wedding, so a family friend will be babysitting the boys at Mum’s house. I’m a little anxious. Not about the babysitter per se, I do trust her absolutely, and not about the boys’ behaviour. They’re both good boys. I just hope we do all the right things to eliminate, or minimise, potential stressors for the babysitter.

After not having any weddings to attend for several years now, I think I’ll breathe a little sigh of relief when these two in a row are over. I can organise the logisitics well enough but then I fret over them.

Speaking of weddings I’ve been following Pioneer Woman photography blog for a while and they had a wonderful post over there recently. It’s all warm and fuzzy-like. Go read it.

have a good weekend!

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