Return to semi-regular programming


I’ve been back from Canberra since Friday night. I’ve had a case of bloggers block since then. Well, perhaps not block as I have plenty to talk about but I haven’t been motivated to write. Maybe the years of semi-regular blogging are catching up with me.

I wonder whether I’m too boring to take up a whole domain to myself on the interwebs. I read a comment on one of my favourite blogs that said most bloggers were just “blowing their own trumpet”. Yes, I blow my own trumpet, I suppose. I like an audience. Statistics tell me I have 20-something regular subscribers. I know they’re not all family members so surely, I’m interesting to some of those people.

Why was I particularly bothered by that comment, anyway? I subscribe to a load of blogs. Some are about domestic life, some are design blogs, blogs about interiors, organisation, and feeding the family. Some of them I read because it’s someone else’s drama. A real life soap opera. Some of the writers are real life friends and this is the best way to keep in touch with their news. Most of them inspire me. Indeed, I aspire to the lives they care to publish. Creative, social, involved, lives. You could say most of those people are blowing their own trumpets. So what? Each day I look forward to their updates and every day I see posts that stir my quiet, creative mind. One day it will spring to life and I will have all these sources of inspiration to be thankful for.

Despite all my good intentions of getting artier and craftier time is seriously lacking. So, for now, my semi-regular blogging is my creative outlet regardless of how many readers I may actually have.

While I was away in Canberra I was so excited to find these stores on my route from training course to hotel. I spent cumulative hours wandering the city stores and back streets in my spare time. I bought a new outfit to wear to upcoming weddings, saw a movie, got a haircut, and ate takeaway in bed watching the TV. All the self indulgent stuff that’s much harder to do in the normal routine.

The boys managed well at home.  Matt coped well enough and achieved all the daily requirements of school and daycare but he’s gained a major appreciation for all the other stuff that gets done when I’m around.  Lincoln is sleeping through again, and is on the verge of  a language explosion. He now says “oo-oo” for what a dog says, “arrr” for what a tiger says, and  “mama”.  Fraser has homework to do each night now. WHile it adds to my time deficit, it is a little bit exciting to see his skills develop a little more every day.


Kami missed me last week, too. He was meowing alot but I’ve hardly heard him do it since I got back. He’s blended into our family very well. He even tolerates Lincoln’s heavy-handed affection. He’s taken to sleeping on my chair, and sometimes during the night, he’ll burrow in under the covers and sleep in the crook of my knee.


  1. it depends WHY you blog. for me i just hope that a few people find my recipes interesting, but i certainly don’t do it to become world famous or anything LOL

    how’s your hair??!

    did you decide not to do dinner? sorry, i had totally missed when it was but still would have been up for it!

    anyway, i vote for don’t stop blogging lol

  2. Yeah .. probably. Although after a few years of the same yearly events ( birthdays .. dinners .. schooling .. haircuts etc ), I sometimes think i’m a bit boring/repetitive.

    I’m also loving the tweet ATM, because it’s like ‘micro-blogging’. No composing, thinking or adding pretty pics or deep insights. Nope. You just blurt something out as you’re ruinning out the door.

    Lovin’ it :)

  3. @karen I did do myself! lol I didn’t chase up plans. Blame my laziness. haircut was great! I heartily recommend Francos. I’m due back in canberra in May and will get a refresher haircut then. Maybe I sort myself out for dinner then, too!

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