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Look, it’s no secret. I don’t like cooking as a daily function, but yes, I do like eating. Recently, I discovered the Parmigiana. Can you believe I’ve never had Parmigiana before the end of last year?
I eat schnitzel all the time, and of course, I’m a pasta fan, of either bolognaise or napolitana persuasion. Whomever it was that thought to combine both meals, when they didn’t have enough of either for a whole meal, deserves a Nobel Prize in Gastronomy.

And I’ve found the most wonderful recipe.

I usually buy the pre-schnitzeled schnitzel and then make the sauce to instruction.


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  1. i’m the same, i only discovered them a few years ago and i was blown away at how easy they are to make!!!

    i usually cheat and use the aldi organic pasta sauce ;) i have to crumb my own now though with rory having coeliac disease (and i HATE crumbing lol)

  2. lol at you being able to avoid the parm all these years – and IN THE COUNTRY ?!?!? Doesn’t the pub parm reign supreme in your parts ? :p

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