Valentine’s Day

Photo from Curlypops
Photo from Curlypops

This Saturday is Valentine’s Day. Matt will be away for it, so there’s nothing special going on for us.
However, heart shaped pancakes are on the menu for the kids along with a little story about the history of Valentine’s day.

Have you got anything special planned? or something to look forward to this weekend?

As soon as Matt comes back, I leave for a week of training in Canberra. Fraser is already sad. As soon as I come back, Matt is off for a buck’s weekend in Sydney. Ships in the night.

And as I’ve mentioned Canberra, allow me to point you in the direction of this blog. I’ve added alot of design blogs to my RSS reader lately and the fact that Canberra’s Got Style is semi-local is inspiring.

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  1. You are ALL in our hearts.
    We are celebrating Valentines Day at the Hunters Hill Club with Mike and Joy. Love Mum and Dad xxx

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