No I’m not reliving crappy old boy-bands. I am saying ‘happy 5th birthday, Fraser’.


We gave his main present to him this morning, a bright blue ukelele. (thanks, JP) He loves it, but then we were overtaken with getting ready for school, work, and all that. 

He shares his birthday with a girl in his class so their teacher brought in a cake for the class to share and they all sang Happy Birthday. He had a smile on his face all day. I came home early form work and cooked him his specially requested birthday dinner – plain spaghetti. Well, he had plain spaghetti, the rest of us had spaghetti with spicy tomato and bacon sauce. He opened the rest of his presents, some books from us, and a mini greenhouse with seed raising kit, and seeds, from Nanny and Poppy.

School is going really well. On Wednesday he had gymnastics. He enjoyed that and showed me all his moves. Tomorrow is sports day and next Tuesday is the school swimming carnival! I’ll have to pop over for my lunch hour. But it’s still all very exciting and we’re getting permission slips and school information of some sort every day, so far. 

School lunch goss.

Crunch’n’Sip – grapes – eaten
2 x Ham and cream cheese sandwich fingers – one sandwich eaten
small tub of yogurt – eaten
1 piece of banana and blueberry loaf – eaten

Crunch’n’sip – grapes – eaten
1 x cream cheese and vegemite sandwich triangles and 1 x veg corn crackers – mostly eaten
muesli bar – eaten
tub of sultanas, cherrios, and teddies. – some sultanas left

Crunch’n’sip – grapes and watermelon chunks – eaten
1 xmultigrain sandwich with blueberry jam – eaten
1 x piece chocolate cake (birthday special)
tub of multigrain crackers and tasty cheese cubes. – not eaten. I guess he doesn’t like cheese much in this weather.

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