Fraser had his first day in Kindergarten today. He was showing a bit of excitement. He was happy to see his playgroup friend, H, and he took the hand of his year 5 mentor on the way up to class. Once he arrived at the classroom he cracked it.

He clung on to me, crying that he wanted to go home. Thankfully, we’d had a dress rehearsal of this scenario at his last day of vacation care last week. Last week it made me cry as I was leaving but this time I knew what was happening. I knew he’d be fine a few minutes after I left, and I know that at least half of it is acting.

Matt kept trying to settle him in while I tried to have some conversation with the kindy teacher but in the end I just explained it would be best if we just left. So I waved to him and said I’d be back this afternoon to pick him up. I turned and headed off out of view. Mum was crying behind her sunglasses and Matt was on the verge but we sat down out in the playground for a few minutes. Some other parents came out and let us know that he’d settled down already and we headed off – Matt, back to work and Mum, Linky and I into town to do some shopping.

I think if he’d gone off happily I’d have been a little teary. But maybe not? I’m still on a high from the excitement of starting this new phase. Am I cold and unfeeling? I don’t think so. (I did celebrate with a lunchtime glass of Semillon.)

We ran into H’s dad while we were out shopping and he was happy to tell us that Fraser settled right down a few minutes after we left. I also had a text from another friend who’s daughter has also started in the same class. Even though I knew this would be the case I was comforted to get these positive updates.
By the time Mum and I got home from shopping we only had 1.5 hours to go until pick-up time. Lincoln was asleep in bed, and I was wondering what to do with myself. Now that I’m down to one kid (who naps) I can pick up projects again. (The first one will be painting and papering the kitchen dresser that stalled when the cool weather started last year.)

When we arrived to pick him up he was happy to see us and I was told he’d had a good day. He got a sticker for helping to clean up the dinsoaurs, and he’d already impressed his teacher by telling her it was 11 o’clock. I’m sure tomorrow will be fine.


Every now and then I will do a lunchbox report. I’ll list the contents and what was eaten, or not. I’ll whack a more tag on so you can skip if you aren’t interested. I did say I was obsessed with the lunchbox thing, right?Today’s lunch bag contained:

Cut up watermelon in a small red container – this is for 10am Crunch’n’Sip. 5 minutes at the desk for cut up fruit or veg only and bottle of water. Perhaps only a few pieces eaten.

2x Corn cake ‘sandwiches’ with cream cheese and vegemite in a Tupperware Sandwich Keeper. Both eaten.

1 small tub of yogurt from the freezer with a disposable teaspoon. Have instructed Fraser to bring the spoon home again but no big deal if he doesn’t. Eaten.

1 small TW container with gouda cheese and rice crackers. Most crackers eaten,  none of the cheese eaten. I guess he doesn’t like gouda?

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  1. Why, oh why, do they do that to us?!? Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I go through the same thing. The begging, the pleading, the crying, the hysteria… And yet when I hide for two minutes then sneak back and spy, guess who’s having a ball already? ARGH!

    Yesterday, case in point. Did the hellish, teary drop off – even thought he might vomit with it all – then when I went to collect him in the arvie… He cried ’cause he didn’t want to LEAVE!!!

    Man, they reckon we parents screw with heads. Uh uh, no way, no how. This kid is killing me.

    Glad you all got through ok. What is with the enormous bags that just dwarf them?! :P

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