Throwing Muses – Sydney Festival


Last night’s show was just awesome. The audience was broad. The youngest probably in their 20s.

We lurked around Robbie Buck for a while before moving across to stand near the VIP area. I’d posted on the Kristin Hersh forum last week to ask if I could meet the band and have a couple of posters signed. Billy (Kristin’s husband and manager) had agreed and suggested I come find him on the night. I figure lurking around VIP would give me the best opportunity. Just as I was getting bored with that and about to move back across towards the stage I spotted Billy, Kristin and their youngest son Bodhi. Billy saw me too, and seemed to actually recognise me.

They took us backstage and we chatted about Kristin’s new guitar, web gadgetry, (she sent a Tweet via Matt’s iPhone), our rural lifestyle, she signed my posters, and sat with me for a photo. I was just in awe so made no intelligent conversation whatsoever. IN fact, I made a point of mentioning Goulburn’s premier tourist attraction, The BIg Merino, should they ever come through town, and suggested they come stay at our place or even build a cabin on our land. Why did I have to sound like such a dork?!!
But Kristin and Billy were very accommodating and such lovely, engaged people. Seemingly normal, even. It was a real pleasure.

We left them to get on with their free time before the show started. Nothing could wipe the smile from my face.
About an hour later the support act, Dappled Cities, finished and TM started and the vibe was fantastic. We were a few rows of people from the front. Everybody was right into it and I could spot a few other fans from the forums.
The performed a whole slew of familiar songs and a few I couldn’t place. They all played superbly and Bernie looked like he was having a blast.
I hope they get to play here again some time but even if they don’t, this memory will last me a long, long time.

Tonight I have a ticket to Kristin’s spoken word show, ‘Paradoxical Undressing’.


  1. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha HA !!!

    That’s the sort of dorky/stupid thing I gush out !!
    Sorry to laugh, but i’m so glad it’s not just me :p

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