fabric stash 1

Kicking off this post with my favourite bits of Candi’s stash that she sent to me at Christmas. I have a friend who loves butterflies so I might get to work on a tote bag.

fabric stash 2

And then there was MIL’s stash. Love the old fashioned food labels material and can see that ending up as a cafe style apron. Then there’s Bambi who’s too cute for words. Also in MIL’s stash were these vintage patterns.

vintage patterns

But there’s no sewing happening at the moment because my machine has been in for service. It’s a 20 year old Husqvarna that I inherited about 5 years ago. It was impeccably maintaned before then. However, I’ve noticed the tension on the lower thread slipping alot lately so I put the Husky in for a checkup. I’ve also enquired about a walking foot.


Fraser has had his first week away from us. He spent a few nights with the ILs and it didn’t go the way I hoped, but it wasn’t too bad, really. He cried and cried for us the second night but Matt fixed that with a video-Skype session. He’s off again this week, staying with my parents. We’ll catch up with him again on Friday when we go up to Sydney to see THE THROWING MUSES! excited.

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