New Year, New Plans

Fraser with sparkler

I hope you had a fun New Year’s Eve. Maybe you went out, maybe you just went to bed early. I did a bit of both. 

Now that Christmas is over I feel like I’m on a bit of a holiday. Even though I’ve still been working my part-time days, I’m not having to come home and get Christmas stuff done. So my evenings are freed up.  At  the moment I’m just doing alot of lazing about drinking slushies out of Fraser’s Christmas present from Unky Boo. It’s the best.invention.ever. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my Nana would freeze containers of softdrink for me to eat with a spoon.   

Of course, the other reason I could be reminiscing about that is Fraser is spending this week with Matt’s parents. I dropped him off this morning and he’ll be home again at the end of the week.   Then he spends next week with my parents. And so begins, what may become, the regular school holidays routine.

Can you guess where Lincoln and I went today? 

Having made the trip to Sydney, I may as well go the extra distance and spend some quality time with IKEA. With Fraser out of the house I have the chance to makeover his wardrobe storage, delete some broken and unused toys from bedroom, and get it all ready for school stuff.

I bought a tall Antonius frame and drawers, and a storage box that fits on top of the Antonius. I’ll have to sort through lots of hand-me-down clothes the neighbour’s teenage sons gave us, move the too-small clothes out to Lincoln’s wardrobe, and sort through the crap on the top shelf. I found this cute little cat toy in IKEA that I had to get for Lincoln. It looks just like Cami.

I’ll have some fabric love to show soon. I’ve been gifted with an overlocker and some fabric stash from my mother-in-law, and there’s the surprise Christmas package of fabric and other crafty bits from Candi that I’m yet to document. And I really must complete our holiday tales of Adelaide!

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