Fortus Erectus


Our elves (Matt and builder-friend, Tony) worked a hard day on Saturday putting up this great fort. They started at 11am and didn’t finish until 8pm. It needs to be oiled to protect it from the sun but I think it looks great. There was supposed to be some lovely turf underneath by now, but we hit a roadblock with the landscapers. That’s a story for another day but, needless to say, they’ve been given the heave-ho and we’re waiting for a couple of months before we attempt it again. Yay! for builder-friends because there’s no way Joe Blow can erect something like this single-handedly.

So the weekend (and yesterday), was for finishing off projects in time for Christmas, cleaning, and other Christmas preparations.

IMG_1354 IMG_1349

I baked Kourabiethes (Greek Shortbread), and packaged up our gingerbread men for Fraser’s special teachers.


..and I finished this long-standing sewing project – the seat for across the three IKEA Lack tables. I don’t recommend a decorative braided piping for a beginner. It was hard, and looks pretty wrong in parts, and the join is most bodgy, indeed. But near enough is good enough, as I always say, and at least I will have some spiffy looking impromptu seating for the Christmas season.

It’s Fraser’s last day at pre-school today. I think they have a little celebration with cupcakes for the kids that are moving on to big school. He tried on his new school uniform shirt yesterday and wouldn’t take it off.  I keep telling people I’ll be standing at the school gates on the first day with a party popper and glass of champagne,  but maybe I will be shedding a tear, after all.

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