This little monkey


Originally uploaded by muser74

This little monkey ‘turned’ 18 months a few days ago.

He’s cute as a button and has only just started to consistently sleep through. He doesn’t speak English but he has pointed to a car and said “gar”. He says “gar” alot though, so that could be nothing.

He’s a robust little dynamo who loves his nap times, loves his food, and wants the toy Fraser’s playing with just because he’s playing with it. (Fraser does the same.) He goes to bed at 7pm with no fighting and is up with the sparrows at 6am.

He loves his playtimes with Daddy after dinner. He will often follow his big brother around like a shadow only to be heartbroken when Fraser shuts his bedroom door behind him.

Breastfeeding finished only a few weeks ago with barely a blip on the radar. It’s not so much that it finished. Just that it wasn’t happening anymore. I offered, as per our usual brief, early morning sessions, to have Lincoln blow raspberries on me. The next day I offered again and he bit me. I got the message, son.

Before becoming a parent I never envisaged I could love a person so much. To have the capacity to love two of these little people as much as I do just blows my mind.


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