Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…

..and blanky.

I can’t believe I left this at a lunch engagement last weekend. Thankfully, other parental units with a young blanky-attached baby found it, took it home, and will be returning to Matt at a function tonight. Always have a spare.

The spare wasn’t in the car however, so a very tired Lincoln just couldn’t get to sleep. I draped my cardigan over his lap and that seemed to be enough of signal that it was ok to sleep now.


We had the preschool/daycare Christmas party last night. I bribed Fraser to run in the potato and spoon race by telling him I would take a photo of him. I did, and he won!


Santa arrived on motorcycle and gave out lolly bags; Fraser and Lincoln jumped around on the jumping castle and had a lovely time; and we caught up with another parent who’s oldest child, (Fraser’s friend),  started school last year.

It’s that chaotic time of year when every weekend, and some weeknights, are filled with Christmas dos and drinks.

Last Friday night Matt and I went out to Web-blast, the web industry night, for drinks and food. Unfortunately, the food ran out before we got there at 7pm. So I carried on with my one-for-one alcohol drinking method and chatted with several interesting geeks. iPhones were coming out left, right and centre. I searched the crowd for witty geek t-shirts and I’m sure the few women there thought I was checking out their boobs. I drank too much and bored some people silly with the story of my career.  I’m sure they won’t be asking “so who do you work for?” anytime soon. We ate chinese food in Chinatown at 1am on Saturday morning and waited at least half an hour for a taxi. The city is busy at this time of year.

But I woke at 6am without a hangover, the kids still asleep, and with a free day up my sleeve at my parents’ house. I did a bit of Christmas shopping, a bit of pre-Christmas eating at a neighbour’s party, and a bit of swimming at the local baths.

IMG_1135    IMG_1113


  1. The food ran out at 7pm !?!? What time did the ‘party’ start ?
    Bloody geeks :p

    Re: the blanky .. we have been VERY lucky so far ( although there have been some close calls ), because who knew the toy #1 would become most attached to, he woldn’t even notice for the first two years of his life ? ( I can’t find a replacement – if it goes, it’s *gone* man – and that won’t be a pretty day ! )

    And I haven’t heard your header saying, for YEARS! Gave me a giggle .. although I sure hope those testicles ain’t yours, lady ;)

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