ALmost done


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This was my chosen project for sewing class. A girl’s top from this pattern. It’s meant for a 2 year old but this is actually quite tight across Lincoln’s chest and he’s just 18 months. So I would say this is better for a 12-18month. I’m yet to put buttons on but it looks quite good. A pity I don’t know any girls in this age group right now. :(

As a beginner project I don’t think I should try selling it so I guess I’ll hang onto it as reference until I find a girl to fit it. A little Cinderella, as it were.

Lincoln is such a cheeky little boy these days. In this photo I was asking him to spin around so I could get a photo of the back. So he twirled and twirled. He quite enjoyed wearing this little number. ;)

I’m also aware that I need to post the last part of our holiday – our 8 or 9 days in Adelaide, itself. Soon, my pretties, soon.

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