Barossa Valley

As promised – a brief rundown of the Barossa leg of our trip.

On Thursday 6/11, the day after the new POTUS was elected, we got the ferry back to Cape Jervis and drove back through Adelaide to the Barossa Valley. We settled in to our B&B accommodation in Tanunda and had dinner at the local kid-friendly pub.

On Friday we wandered around Angaston and made a beeline for the Lego Man. He has been collecting Lego for fifty years, has every kit ever produced, and stores them in a back yard shed. He claims to have a couple of limos and drivers that he uses to pick up VIPs from the airport to bring them, in comfort, to his collection. Apparently the Queen has visited and gave him a solid gold model of a miniature coach which is delivered by the Bank every morning, and taken back securely every night. He has a dedicated border patrol unit on call should anyone threaten to steal or damage the collection; and he still owns a real-life, genuine railway somewhere in the world. He sure has a massive collection, but he’s also a massive nutjob.


After the Lego Man we tasted (bought) some wines at the Gomersal vineyards and stayed in for the night to eat some locally produced camembert (and drink wine).

On Saturday we drove back to Adelaide via the Whispering Wall. It’s the retaining wall for the Barossa reservoir and due to it’s unique acoustic properties you can stand at one end, and hear someone talking to you from the other end more than one hundred metres away!

I had a lovely time strolling through the shops in Angaston and Tanunda, admiring the architecture and the gardens. I hope to go back to the Barossa again sans children.


Today’s gossip? Just a whole lot of cleaning and washing. But I did make sushi for dinner!
IMG_1082 IMG_1084

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