Kangaroo Island

It’s like winter here, today. Which is a shame as we were supposed to go on a playgroup outing to Canberra Zoo. We ended up at an indoor playcentre instead. We came home to our new, adopted, member of the family.  IMG_1072Cami is an inside cat and is only about two years old. He’s under our bed at the moment, and I guess he’ll stay there until he feels more comfortable. He’s pretty cute. Let’s hope this goes better than our dog experiment.  We hooked straight back into our usual routine this week after arriving home from our holiday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – back at work, and Thursday night back to sewing. I’ve started making a little two year old size top from the floral sheets and someone cleared out their stash and gave me these. IMG_1075A stripey orange seersucker sort of fabric, a floral georgette (or similar type) and a cotton with tiny dots. Lincoln might even score a pair of pants out of the stripey number. On Friday it was back to playgroup followed by unpacking bags and then my work Christmas party; Friday baking was moved to Saturday, choc chip oatmeal cookies;IMG_1071(Yum.)   And in between things I uploaded our South Australia pics. This is my favourite.IMG_0721  Matt took this photo at Clifford’s Honey Farm on Kangaroo Island. They have a glass beehive where you can see all the bees coming and going from a pipe that leads out the window. Apparently you can sometimes find the queen bee, with all the worker bees forming a ring around her. We did some tasting and bought a small jar of Blue Gum honey. Kangaroo Island was the first destination for our holiday but on the way there we stopped to check out the Starfish Hill wind farm, and the new jetty development at Rapid Bay. We love wind farms and will always get up close, if we can. (Clean energy nerds.) The ferry trip to the Island took about forty minutes and once we finally got to our accommodation we put our feet up. It was about 4pm and we’d been travelling for twelve hours. The boys handled it all extremely well.  During our five days on KI  we checked out the eucalyptus distillery which produces Eucalyptus oil from the leaves of the gum tree; tasted (and bought) wine at “Two Wheeler Creek”; paddled and played in the sand at Emu Bay beach; went looking for dolphins in Emu Bay. (We didn’t find any which is very unusual.); Watched the pelicans feeding in Kingscote; looked through the nearby lavender farm; and drove down to the south side of the island to Seal Bay where we saw lots of sealions and a humpback whale skeleton.The accommodation was great, though plagued with millipedes. I had to constantly sweep them up or Lincoln would try to eat them. The boys slept in the same room which went really well, most nights. Tomorrow (she says), I will post the Barossa leg of our trip. 

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