Up, up and away.

Fraser is heading off with Matt this morning for his second ‘big school’ orientation. Last week’s went well enough but not without it’s hitches. Until the day before, I hadn’t thought to explain that all his friends from pre-school/daycare would be going to other schools. We had lots of tears. I explained it again on Thursday morning and reminded him that he would be going to ‘big school’ with H, his friend, whom he’s known from playgroup. On arrival at the school he wouldn’t let go of my legs, and started crying when the teacher and year five mentors came to take the little kids to class. So I walked up with him and then H arrived, at which time Fraser was happy enough to go without me. When I came back an hour and a half later it was all smiles and laughs. This morning should go much more smoothly as the kindergarten teacher will be running the show and she knows what she’s doing. Unlike the shemozzle of last week.

The last week has been very busy. Out to sewing class last thursday night, out to dinner with the playgroup girl on Friday night, out to lunch for Dad’s birthday on Saturday, and then the in-laws down to our place for lunch on Sunday for MIL’s birthday.  In between times I managed to sell a few CDs on ebay, and pack some of the gear we’ll be taking away. We leave early Saturday morning – 4am! :o – to drive to the airport.

I’m arranging to meet some ‘internet friends’. I would have run a mile from that sort of thing in the past – too shy – but I’m really looking forward to it. I doubt that I’ll be online long enough during the trip to post, but I’ll try to upload to Flickr and I’ll send updates via SMS to twitter.

And to bump up the pictorial content of this post I am reaching back in to the past. It’s our seventh wedding anniversary while we’re away. Enjoy!

Wedding day 10/11/01


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