Project management


Friday is a good day for baking. We get home from playgroup at lunchtime, Lincoln goes down for a big nap, and I can fossick around preparing dinner or baking goodies. Last Friday, it was blueberry and white chocolate muffins. Blueberries were cheap at the supermarket so I bought two punnets. Fraser and Lincoln ate some and the rest went into the muffin mix along with a bag of left over white choc buttons. As the cool kids say… ‘nom nom’.

Sewing class last Thursday was good. I learnt how to sew a zipper on. I have cut out the pieces for a skirt so hopefully I get to sew that together this week. I have commenced project box cushion cover. It’s going to be quite a tricky exercise with inserting twisted piping and joining it together. And, unless I’m a complete wuss, I may even insert a zipper into this. First things first, I’ll need to make sure the stripes are all aligned and joining up properly at the edges. *boggle*

Another major project on the go right now is sorting and selling my CD collection. We don’t even have a working CD player in the house these days and when Lincoln pulled the CD tower down on top of his face last week I knew it was time to do something. He cut his eyebrow and got a bleeding nose! :o

So I’ve sorted out the ones I want to keep, ripped songs off the ones I don’t need to keep, and am preparing to list all the “heard of” releases on ebay. I’ve unprotected my Active EBAY sales tab at the top of the blog so you can have a sneaky peak at what I’ve listed. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to display all my stuff so I’m just fiddling with it. You get the idea, though.

All three legs of our Adelaide holiday are booked as of today. Five nights on Kangaroo Island, two nights in the Barossa, and the remaining nine nights in the CBD. I’m quite excited. Perhaps I’m a nutcase for being excited about going to Adelaide but I guess it’s all about being somewhere different. Showing the boys some different scenery. I’m craving the visit to Adelaide Central Markets to buy french bread sticks and cheese; The kids can have a play at the beach/es; We can take the tram to Glenelg; Sit on the verandah in our Barossa accommodation with a bottle of wine and a cheese platter; visit the largest private Lego collection; go to the water park at Semaphore… The list is endless. There’ll also be a couple of days where Matt will be occupied for the weekend so the kids and I will be at a loose end. Shopping in Rundle Mall, perhaps?


  1. You’ve made Adelaid sound pretty damn exciting to me !!

    The Adelaide Central Markets though ? Never heard of them – but the bread sticks worth travelling for ?

    And can I put in a Wego order ? Wego is high on the Xmas wish list :)

  2. *grins* The Smelly Cheese shop in the markets is great, it’s adjacent to the best bread shop too :) And on Sundays they block off part of Rundle St (just off the mall) and have a local market too.

    And there is the zoo… and I think that covers everything in Adelaide ;)

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