Summer times

Last weekend is the first really summery weekend we’ve been home to enjoy the outdoors. On Saturday the landscapers came to measure out the kids playground area and turf that we’d like to complete before Christmas. We were outside for alot of the day. On the swings, wandering around pointing at the cows, playing with reels of string line, kicking and throwing balls, etc. There are stakes in the ground now and the landscaper will email us a design in about a week. Apparently, it will take two weeks to build from the time we say ‘go’. It’s certainly nothing complicated. A bobcat, a dingo, some earth moving, laying irrigation and turf, a sandpit. We’re still deciding whether to go ahead with the idea of building a cubby/fort construction in there somewhere. It’s great that the boys will have a nice soft area to play in the beautiful warm weather.

Lincoln has become quite fascinated with the cows. He’ll point to them and say “bbooooo” and is not afraid to get up close. He loves being outside. The patio has become a great play area which is what I’d hoped would happen.

On Sunday we had some family portraits taken. They were a fundraising exercise and so all taken with the same formulaic, cheesy pose. I’m looking forward to seeing how they look though, as we have very few photos with all four of us. Lincoln kept trying to crawl away but once it was over, he wanted to keep going just so he could see himself on the back of the digital camera. And a Lincoln datapoint to note: he nods ‘yes’ now.

We got the official letter from ‘big school’ giving dates for orientation days. I’ll take the morning off work to take Fraser to his first orientation, and Matt will take him to the second orientation the following week. We’ll be away for the parent information morning so we’re aiming to get all the relevant info on the orientation trips. Fraser will meet his year 5 mentor, see where to put his school bag, and he’ll have his morning tea there before getting picked up.

This week is a busy one for me. Sewing class on Thursday night, dinner out for a friend’s birthday on Friday night, an engagement party Saturday night, and then Matt’s away in Melbourne for a few days.


  1. Hi muser,
    Stumbled in while googling for TM aussie tour dates.
    It’s a great idea to blog those myriad kid things, i’m finding it surprising how many of the little gems of the day-to-day are easily forgotten. I’ve got to write down more examples of our 6yo’s rapid fire wordplay, all i can recall right now is “me: how’s your soup?” “F: soupurb!”

  2. ‘year 5 mentor’ ????!

    You should have come to Melb too – our kids would have a ball :)

    Play area sounds good – forts/cubbies are cool – I wouldn’t have one, but we have a local park within walking distance, so I guess it depends on you..

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