Colour me busy

Twelve months ago I was lamenting at how I’d missed seeing Kristin Hersh when she last toured here. I’m very excited to hear on the grape vine that the Throwing Muses are coming back in January ’09 to do 4 dates in AU and NZ, plus Krisitin will be doing a show as part of the Sydney Festival. I’m yet to find out the dates but I will be attending all the Sydney shows, if possible. You couldn’t have wiped the smile off my face when I got wind of this gossip on Wednesday.


We all had a great time last weekend. The boys had a sleepover with their cousins Savanna and Lily. They both had a lovely time and slept through! Jane took all four kids to the shops on the train where they had icecream and did a bit of shopping. Matt and I had a good night out with Mum and Dad. We had chinese for dinner then went to see Billy Elliot. It’s a great show . Very spectacular in the first half and quite moving in some parts.

For breakfast we had a buffet at a nearby garden centre and the made our way over to pick up the kids on Sunday morning. When we arrived Lincoln was napping, and Fraser and Sav were doing craft and practicing their writing. 

After that, we met up with Miss Bindy and Uncle Dan at Eastgardens. We did a quick shop, more chinese for dinner, and just hanging out at Casa de bindy.

Can you tell we don’t get takeaway much ?  

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  1. ooh – and I just read elsewhere you’re getting portraits done!
    ( and i’m sure your head will be just fine ;)

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