Sick leave holiday

Lincoln likes corn… IMG_0357

He also likes it when I uncover treasure under the couch… IMG_0365

I’m home from work this week as Lincoln has a second bout of tonsilitis as well as Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. HF&M is going around at the moment, as is chicken pox, so it was only a matter of time, really. The poor kid just hasn’t had a chance to build up his immunity between each illness so I’ve got him on a daily dose of probiotic for kids. Fingers crossed that he remains healthy after this run. 

Matt and I have recovered from our illnesses. His was glandular fever and mine was CRV(?). The only reference I could google up was Community Respiratory Virus which has a connection to bronchiolitis. I guess I picked it up from Lincoln.     

All the extra days home this week, with Fraser still at daycare, has meant that I’ve been able to vac, sweep, and mop all the floors. I’ve made Butterscotch Almond cake x2, have culled my tshirt draws, and I even vacuumed under the couch. Hence the treasure. The lizard was popular last night. I’ve earmarked a couple of old pillowslips to be made into pants, and a dress for Savanna and Lily, respectively. The doona cover from the same set is being donated, along with another unused doona cover. I would love, love, love to get rid of hundreds of CDs but I have no idea how best to re-home them. Who would want them? And I don’t really want to just chuck them out. I could weep thinking of all the money I squandered on whole albums throughout the 90s. If I’d waited a decade I could have bought single tracks from iTunes instead. I also need to get back into scrapbooking. I have photos I need to cull, and organise. I need help with that one, though. A class?

Speaking of classes, next term I start sewing classes on a Thursday evening after work. Yay!


  1. Sorry to hear about lincoln getting sock again. Good work on the cleaning. If you are going to chuck your cd’s out, I am sure adam would love a look. He collects them, stores them alphabetically and takes great pride. lol. Anyways, Take care.

  2. you accomplished so much during your sick leave holiday, inspiration for me to stay productive during mine. Lincoln looks like a great little baby. No wonder you enjoyed spending the time home with him baking cakes and having fun.

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