Bless me Father for I have sinned.

It has been ten days since my last blog post. Ten! For shame! We’re still riding the illness merry-go-round at the moment which is why Lincoln didn’t crack a smile on this one on Fathers’ Day weekend.


He spent a week being very quiet. Wandering around home with his blankie and dummy, sleeping lots, off his food and being generally out of character. At least the first part of that week I think he’d been having a rough time teething. Then the middle of last week he came down with a gastro bug from school. He’s got his cough back again which Fraser and I have now developed colds from. But I can happily report that since he got over his gastro last Friday he’s come back out of his shell. He has a few new teeth and he seems different developmentally. I can’t explain it but he seems more ‘interactive’ with his environment. Or maybe it’s just my perception from a week with little interaction at all. Anyway, I’m happy that he’s happy again.

We all had a great time last Saturday night at the local Jamboree in the woolshed. Fraser did so much dancing and air guitar that he drew quite a few comments. Lincoln sat quietly in his stroller all night except for half an hour or so where he wandered around and had a little dance. He finally flaked out at 10pm.

I’m a bit wooly-headed today so I can’t think of the other things I would have posted about. Fingers crossed both boys stay well this week so I can have my full three days at work.

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