Food and fashion weekend

Our mystery virus appears to have gone through the household, though the kids didn’t get affected by it very much. Matt has a followup appointment with the doctor this Thursday so I guess we’ll find out what it was.I’m glad to have possession of a new compact digicam. I felt a bit lost without it in my handbag in recent weeks. I came out to the kitchen last Monday this little gem. Fraser at the helm, while I wasn’t watching. A pity he didn’t really know what he was doing because I would’ve loved this video to last longer. 

Last Tuesday was my ‘day off’ before I start working three days a week, tomorrow! I had my hair cut, sat in on a sewing lesson (I hope to do these regularly on Thursday nights), saw a movie (Tropic Thunder -crap!), and did some shopping. Adding another hectic night to our weekly schedule means rejigging the usual menu items and more cooking in advance, where possible. So over the weekend I made some Clinker Slice. Well it’s not for dinner.. but, inspired and all that. Today I made and froze a polenta bake with bolognese sauce, so it all evens out.


I also finished this little bit of sewing on the weekend. I’ve seen pillowcase pants before and have been wanting to make some as they look so easy. I found a boy-coloured stripey pillowcase for $1 at the Salvo shop and bought a contrasting t-shirt. Fraser decided he wanted a rocket on there so I bought some cheapy fabric paint to embellish with. I quite like them and can’t believe how easy they are. I’d planned to make this set as lounge wear but it’s more like pyjamas, and in fact, he’s gone to bed wearing them already. 

IMG_0141 IMG_0140 

I’ll be keep a closer eye on the Salvo shop from now on. Hopefully, I come across something more interesting than stripes.  


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