…a side order of botox for my concerned forehead, here!

I have a golf ball in my neck that I first discovered while Lincoln was in hospital. It was a bit smaller then. Given the conditions my body was working with, stress and sleep deprivation, I figured I was coming down with something and just let it sort itself out.

A couple of days later I was having nightsweats so I consulted Dr Google and decided my thyroid was acting up. I made an appointment for the following week (which is today) and was happy with my decision that it was No Big Deal. Over the weekend all the other lymph nodes in the neck began popping up and the pioneer lump had grown. But we were away in the Blue Mountains with some other families, so whilst I was a little preoccupied I didn’t want to get alarmed. We were busy having fun.



Lincoln was busy polishing his walking ability as he was surrounded by his peer group of other toddler-babies. There were cheese, crackers and alcoholic beverages; And let’s not forget the special hot chocolate.


As if you would put your questionable health before all that! I soldiered on.

Today I presented myself at the arranged doctors appointment. The GP was slightly alarmed as the inital lump felt quite hard and immobile and all the other nodes in the neck and close by are up but not painful. In other words, lymphoma was on her list of possibles. ohmy.gif

I was ordered off for an Ultrasound, after having some blood taken. The Sonographer was quite convinced it’s nothing that a dose of ABs won’t fix. Tomorrow the bloods come back so will get the definitive answer then.

The golf balls in my neck are no more than a little annoying and apart from a sore throat, and a slightly elevated temp I actually feel quite fine.


  1. Hey Poppet, hope things went ok with the BTs and it’s nothing too serious..

    With all serious tho.. that special hot chocolate can cure anything.. you must go have more stat! :)

  2. OMG – that is so scary .. I was racing through the words – I can’t believe you left it so long and it got so big !! Although I guess we’re all guilty of neglecting ourselves with so much going on around us.

    Glad it’s something that was nothing !!

  3. Colour me concerned, Aprill. I wish you’d mentioned it before because I would have hassled you until you’d got it seen.

    Any news? Fingers crossed for nothing serious.

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