Bring back the button-fly!

  • I finished the cot quilt. It’s obviously the product of a beginner, but I’m pleased nonetheless, with how it turned out. I’ve enjoyed having it on my lap whilst handstitching. It’s nice and warm.

Cot quilt

  • I have a new nappy bag. I’ve been using the old faithful Kapoochi bowling bag for 4.5 years and recently the snaps broke that clip the handle to the stroller. So that bag has been left stocked with disposables supplies and left permanently in the main car. My new nappy bag will be the one I use regularly and will be easily retired out of nappy carrying use in a year or two. I bought it from CafePress.


I love Charlie & Lola. My only beef is …given it’s a BBC show the Americans could stay true to the British spelling of ‘favourite’. I do still love it and may embellish it with some handpainted Lola butterflies.

  • I bought some new jeans. I’ve always bought Jeans at Jeans West. Once I find comfortable, reasonably priced jeans I stick with the program. I went back there this week to buy the trusty old women’s button-fly in whatever style it was available in. Bitter disappointment. The button-fly is no more. I don’t trust zippers in jeans. Of course, everything seems ok, for a while. And then the zipper stops going all the way up, or is comes back down at random. Let’s not forget that everything only comes in hipster style these days, too. Call me old-fashioned but I don’t like my ass-crack hanging out when I bend over to put on my shoes, or pick up a child. Dejected but determined, I came away with two pairs of zipper fastening, hipster, Boyfriend style jeans. Prove me wrongs, zippers. I dare you.


  1. Oh don’t you hate it when you can’t get what you are used to!

    I too buy Jeans West jeans though the ones I have aren’t hipster and are really comfy. Mine are zipper fly and so far haven’t had a problem with the zip. I don’t know which ones they are though.

    Love love love the quilt. Such a great effort for your first one. You should be very proud of yourself.

  2. I remember the good old days of buying button fly jeans at Structure and then cursing when I couldn’t get them undone and just had to pee RIGHT NOW! Good times.

    I really don’t like jeans much these days. I prefer khakis or shorts just because they are more bendy.

  3. I can’t tell that’s a beginner quilt at all !! It looks *gorgeous*.

    Jeans are a bitch. I’m all arse-crack at the moment as I have my ‘breastfeeding body’. In which I lose my hips for a few months. It’s odd, but not worth buying new jeans for ..

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