Snow day

We got a new car last week. New for us, anyway. A 2002 Mazda Tribute, in burgundy. So we took a little road trip to Moruya and Bateman’s Bay. It’s very comfortable. Now the fight is on as to who gets to drive it as their “main car”. Me, of course. ;)

We came home Sunday afternoon to relax in front of the heater and as the afternoon wore on it started to snow. We’ve woken up to snow once before since living here but this is the first tiem we’ve seen it fall. Very exciting! Fraser got his jacket, beanie and boots on and went outside to stand under it and catch snowflakes. I didn’t get a photo but did take some video of it. To celebrate our ‘snow day’ I showed Fraser how to make paper snowflakes.


 Lincoln is well this week. He’s had a clean bill of health from the doctor at his followup appointment on Monday. No rattles in his chest. So he’s back at school today and I’m crossing all my fingers that I don’t get the phone call to say he’s got something else. In any case, we’re now armed with ventolin should he develop a wheeze the next time he gets a cold.

He has more teeth already. Three at the top, three at the bottom.

Stacey’s blog post this week inspired me to make peanut butter, choc chip cookies. Yum, yum. Thanks, Stacey! And last Friday night we had guests so Matt suggested a Mexican theme. So I made Chicken and beef fajitas, and a Chilli con queso dip. That was so tasty. Even Fraser liked it. I accidentally bought an extra carton of Sour cream so I think it’s a perfect excuse to make another batch. ;)


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