Bed 12

I’ve had a hectic time the past week.On Wednesday, I got through most of the day before I got, what has become, the standard phone call from daycare to say that Lincoln had a temperature. This time he had laboured breathing, as well. So I excused myself from work again, made a doctor’s appointment again, and went to pick Lincoln up.When I arrived and saw him sitting with a singlet on and rosy cheeks I burst into tears. The daycare lady felt guilty for continually calling me; I felt frustrated that Lincoln was constantly getting ill and everytime I took him to the doctor it would be a lingering cold from the last tonsilitis/chest infection/whatever diagnosis; I felt guilty for having continued bringing him to daycare even though he’d been happy and “normal” in the morning; and I felt guilty for missing so many work hours over the past few months.After some discussion with Lincoln’s carer I took him to his appointment and stated my woes to his GP. “If he’s going to have a temp every time he gets  a cold, and this wheezing noise, can you just tell me if it’s normal or not; and if not, send him to a paediatrician. I’m sick of being here every couple of weeks.” He said this was the first time he’d heard Lincoln breathing like this and instructed us to make way to the hospital. So I went to the Chemist for wipes and disposable nappies, picked up Fraser, called Matt, and then checked in at the ED. That was the beginning of four nights in the Children’s ward with bronchiolitis, caused by RSV.Matt took Fraser home on Wednesday night and I slept on a fold out bed in Lincoln’s room. The nurses came in every hour for obs and he had to have ventolin via nebuliser every four hours. Things to note: 

  • Always keep an earplug in your handbag. You never know when it may come in handy.
  • Adult clothing bought from a supermarket is not so good. There’s a reason it’s only $5. 

Because of some juggling with commitments Fraser had  a wonderful time sleeping over at his friend’s house on Thursday night, and he came home with Matt again on Friday night after dinner at a different friend’s house. His first “friends” sleepover. A shame it was under difficult circumstances but he was such a good boy for everybody. On Saturday, Matt took over at the hospital and I came home with Fraser for much needed rest. Anyway, we brought him home yesterday and he’s much healthier and happier.


The poor chop aka ‘Respiratory Boy’ was irritated by his oxygen prongs, tired easily, and towards the end must have been bored out of his brain. When we let him out on the floor he kept wanting to practice his new walking skillz but was tethered and confined to his room. While he slept we took the opportunity to get out for a bit of air or to get food. On my way back to the children’s ward I spied The West Wing. So I took a picture, because I’m lame like that.

I have a crazy lingering exhaustion so an early night for me. p.s. I was tagged at some stage during my absence so I’ll be back later to post my response. ;) 


  1. oh you poor things :( so glad to hear he is home and feelinga bit better. rory was part of a bronchiolitis immunisation trial a few years ago, i hope they can make it available to everyone soon, i know of too many little ones who are getting sick with it :(

  2. thanks for the link .. we’re still wondering about the youngest – still rattling when he breathes, has been since birth !!

    Bring on the warmer weather…

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