There are big things about to happen; massive changes in the wings. (Massive might be an overstatement.) Excitement is bubbling under the surface of my skin and I have this renewed surge of energy.

I’ve spoken of serendipity before. Things meant to be. Last Tuesday I casually dropped a request at daycare for Tuesdays. Should Tuesday become available in both boys’ rooms at daycare then I will have it anytime from September. Originally I had not intended to go up to three days at work again until next year when Fraser starts school but one of our team members left and so I’ve been asked several times if I could start that plan earlier.  I figured by September, Lincoln would be walking and I would feel less like I was letting someone else look after my last baby and seeing him take his first steps. Why I worry about that when he’s already attending two days is beyond me. Anyhow, he’s taken his first steps. They’re still tentative but he’ll take off soon enough. On Tuesday afternoon the daycare centre manager called to let me know the spots were available. Everyone knows how hard it is to get extra days at daycare. It’s  less of a drama in the country but still, I expected a wait and was quite happy with that as it meant I wasn’t actively making the decision about when to take the third day up. So the spots are available, for both boys, straight away. I can take a few days to think about it and they will hold the spots for a couple of weeks at no charge. That just about takes us into September anyway, so I don’t see the sense in declining. Meant to be? 

We’ve had other fascinating coincidences this week. Via some connections of Matt’s we’ve both had some psychometric evaluation done with the Myers-Briggs questionnaire. He came out as an ESTP. Oddly enough, the night before we got the result back we’d had a conversation that was a classic display of the ESTP thought process. It was about the landscaping. I’ve been waiting all these years for Matt to become the landscaping labourer of my fantasies. He doesn’t need to look like Jamie Durie. He could just don some workboots, khaki stubbies and pick up a shovel. Hot. But instead, I came to accept his disinterest in any outdoor project other than operating a ride-on mower. He did assure me that he’d be willing to stand and hold a post in the ground while concrete sets if that’s what I told him to do, but that he would rather do time at the computer to make the money to pay someone who knew what they were doing.

Well this sort of project is too big for this little cookie so I got cracking on searching for appropriate landscapers the very next day. I found a landscaper specialising in permaculture and sustainable design. We played a bit of email tag and the guy could seriously read my mind. The work we’ll need to do is daunting, depressing, and while I can see the big picture easily enough, I just wouldn’t know where to begin. Since then we’ve spoken once and he’s very familiar with the area. Another plus. He’s coming out to have a proper look and discussion in a couple of weeks.

I’m excited already. I feel like we’ve turned a corner. As though I’m emerging from a malaise of ‘dream not meeting reality’. This is probably the right juncture to mention my result of the Myers-Brigg test. INTP. “They would much prefer to build complex theoretical solutions, and leave the implementation of the system to others.”  I know what I want. I just want someone else to build it. Matt’s contact says we complement each other but with completely different prespectives, it’s lucky my type can see the bigger picture in order to work with the differences rather than against them.


And now for light entertainment. Here’s a photo of the boys in pirate get-up for a 60th birthday party we went to yesterday.                                                                                                                          

IMG_7076   IMG_7074   

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  1. Wow – listen to you !! Buzzed or what ?

    Yes, I do know all about the unavailability of childcare – the ex-workplace didn’t get it, however..

    And love, love, love the pirate pics ( and your photography here is really really good ! ) I especially love the mo’ on Lincoln ;)

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