Slow Cooker Prawn Risotto

Verdict: Not terrible, but a bit mushy. There simply is no lazy way to cook risotto. It must be done on the stove top.

1 1/2 cups aborio rice
1 can tomato puree
500ml carton chicken stock
500g packet frozen royal red prawns
Silverbeet or asparagus (finely choppped)
Parmesan (fresh)
½ tsp Chicken stock powder
lemon juice

Put rice, tomato puree and chicken stock into slow cooker, stir and cook on high about 1.5 hours, reduce to low, add 2 cloves chopped garlic, squeeze lemon, prawns (frozen), veges. Cook 1.5 hours on low.
Add small amount of cheese and chicken stock powder. Give a good stir and turn back to high for 30 mins. Serve.

I had to sub about 1/2 cup of basmati rice as I didn’t have enough Arborio. Perhaps this was the reason for the mushiness. I also sub’d Passata, and a dash of pizza sauce, for the tomato puree. The prawns held up though. I was a bit worried they might disintegrate in the slow cooker.
Not bad, but not great either.

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  1. i’m afraid your right. when i make risotto, its all about standing about for 1/2 an hour constantly stirring the rice so it doesnt stick and burn.

    my risotto is pretty easy:
    cook your meat (chicken/beef) but not seafood.

    prepare whatever vegies you want to throw in (cauli, broco, carrots, paprika and some mushies)

    boil about 1/2 a bottle of white wine and about the same of water with a stock cube (chicken/beef/vege). when boiling turn down the heat so it is just about boiling.

    chop a leak and fry that in your pan with some butter and oil.

    throw in your “risotto” rice, put some more oil in so its a bit oily, start lapeling in your wine/stock mix one lapel at a time and keep stiring.

    throw in your hard vegies 1st

    when each lapel is absorbed by the rice, add the next (and keep stiring the rice). keep adding in all your vegies and at the end put in your meat, or seafood.

    (if you run out of wine/stock you can just keep using water)

    serve with cheese on top.

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