Cot quilt work in progress

Here’s a preview of the cot quilt I’m making for Lincoln’s room. Miss Bindy helped me make a nappy stacker for Fraser when I was pregnant way back then and I’m now putting the scraps to work on this matching quilt.                                       Work in progress - close up Work in progress

The lime is for the border, to match the bedroom, and the circles/stars is the backing. I’m a total beginner with quilting so this is basic squares.  I was actually intending to use the navy corduroy left over from my skirt as the backing for the quilt but didn’t have enough. We went to Canberra on Sunday so I went shopping while Matt and Fraser went to the movies and came away with this spotty fabric on sale. Yay!  I worked on the quilt top all Saturday and then as soon as I shut up shop on the sewing machine, I got busy in the kitchen making a lamb roast for dinner guests.

There are other hard workers in this household. Lincoln is on the verge of walking. He’s taken a few steps but yesterday he stood up by himself for the first time. Any day now. He’s also cutting several teeth at once. The top two have broken through, two more either side of the bottom ones are coming close behind. It’s looking very bumpy in there.

There’s prawn risotto in the slow cooker for dinner. Will report back on how that went as I’ve been curious, and slightly nervous.

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