Saturday was great! Some shopping, a late lunch, of King Prawn caesar salad and a glass of chardy, at the Sheraton on the Park, a free room upgrade and plenty of getting ready time for the black tie do. I spent a birthday gift voucher on expensive eyeliner and diamond lip gloss; bought some books; and found some attractive cheapo jewellery additions to my outfit.

iPhone nerds

Of course, trips to Sydney these days require a visit to the Apple store. Matt wanted the iPhone, so I just went inside for a gawp and then left Matt to his nerdy lineup to continue my shopping mission.

And if it wasn’t a crowd of nerdy pilgrims at the church of Apple, it was a crowd of faithful pilgrims at the tents of WydSyd. Thank god for kid-free shopping time.

After a leisurely two hours to prepare I joined up with my teammates and headed down to the company Black & White Awards night. I didn’t win any awards or prizes, (dammit! One was a trip to Hong Kong!), but the special guests were Hamish and Andy. I don’t need a prize – I got a picture of Hamish standing next to me. Hot.

The food was nice but I guess the expense of appearance fees meant we couldn’t afford dessert and coffee. Or perhaps the Company didn’t expect a group of pissheads would be interested. Granted, as soon as the presentations and main meals were done everybody was dancing or mingling, anyway.  My outfit went down a treat. The new shoes very comfortable, and control undergarments very uncomfortable. And if you buy a cute evening bag at a ‘clearance’ price of $15 expect it to have a blowout so that you end up carrying your possessions around in something more like an evening folder.

A night like that should always fuel some good gossip so I’m hoping to get into work on Wednesday for the big stories. I’m yet to find a full-length photo of me so there’s nothing to post as yet. 

The boys behaved well for Nanny and Poppy. Fraser has stayed on up there for a couple of extra days. It’s been much quieter around here today. Lincoln and I will go and meet Nanny half way tomorrow to pick him up.

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  1. Gotta love the goss .. except that one Christmas Party when it was me :( .. lol ..

    Hamish very hot. I am jealous.


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