Famous .. kinda

Chez Larsson is one of my favourite blogs. Benita is the organisation queen. I can only aspire to her heights. I’m having a Tupperware party in a few weeks and so my already shambolic tupperware storage will become even more so. I emailed Benita for some ideas which she’s addressed in today’s post. *blush*


  1. ok -i’m back, and yeah, I agree with her ( I *hate* plastics ! the mess, the ‘plastics cupboard – ugh ! ) .. but … I have to admit to *loving* a home-party, and perusing a Tupperware brochure .. and I always buy something… it’s fun.

    So Benita doesn’t know what she’s missing ! French onion dip .. champagne … a fruity mocktail made by the tupperware lady .. pretty colours … gossip .. tittering …

    she’s missing out on fun.

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