Wild and woolly

It’s been a windy few days. We built our house on a hill to take advantage of the lovely views. Unfortunately, that spot couldn’t be any windier. Our patio has been tested and survived. The trampoline, not so much.

It was pegged down with two enormous pegs and yet still took off and landed up against the water tank. Two of the curved steel segments have bent.  We’ll ask our welder-neighour if it can be repaired, but I think it’s more likely that we’ll have to try and find replacement segments or get a new trampoline altogether.

Whenever it’s windy like this, usually the month of September, all the old trees come down. It pays to keep a chainsaw in the back of the car. Coming back from swimming lessons on Tuesday I had to pullover and drag a huge gumtree branch from across the road, and then a few minutes from home I stopped at an enormous stringybark that had keeled over. No way I could move that one. So I tried to get around it, off-road style. No dice. I got stuck on the embankment  and the property manager who was right behind me had to winch me off. How embarassment.

The weather is calmer today. That’s good news for Lincoln. The poor chop is still harbouring respiratory illness. He seems fine in the morning but then goes downhill rapidly. I keep taking him to daycare thinking he’s recovered only to have them call me back to collect him again. Apart from looking like a dodgy parent, I’ve had two and a half days out of five off work so Matt is at home with him today. I hope he kicks it this week for the rest of the season. Though with two months of winter left, I doubt it.

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