Pass me the pillow and earplugs

So I made my skirt. Looks good if you don’t turn the hem up to have a look.


And now I have about a metre of leftover corduroy. I was thinking of making a cot quilt for Lincoln with the leftover plus various scraps. It sounds easier to me than attempting to make little boy clothes. Not to mention I have the quilt batting that someone gave me ages ago. But really, first things first. I should finish bastardising my formal wear for the work function which is on in two weeks.

Lincoln has been recovering from a bout of tonsilitis. I picked him up early on Thursday morning from daycare and took him to the doctor. He was 40.2 degrees! Antibiotics and panadol regimen saw him fit as a fiddle the next morning. Also, he’d slept through 12 full hours without a peep.

I’m a bit tired and strung out after so many child-illnesses and Matt’s recent extended absences. However, he’s home now and no more long departures are on the horizon. My upcoming work function will recharge the batteries somewhat, I’m sure.

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