What are *you* anal about?

I was driving home this evening, listening to the radio, when the announcer began a talkback topic on what things people are anal about. There were a couple of amusing ones and if I had some mobile phone reception I would have called about mine. There is one thing I absolutely cannot handle. People that make themselves something to eat and leave the margarine, vegemite or whatever out on the bench with the lids off!! I don’t care if stuff is left out, but seriously, put the lids back on

So.. what are you anal about? 


  1. ooops, we leave lids off all the time *blush* well, dh more than me ;)

    my biggest most embaressing one (apart from never remembering how to spell embarassing lol) is finding it hard to eat my food if someone has cut the vegies without paying attention to cutting them so they look ‘right’ and pretty, and even LOL

    ahhhhh it’s so sad !

  2. Pegs and coat hangers. The peg colours must match and all the coat hangers have to be the correct sort (no wire ones) and hanging facing the right way. Elliot pays me out about it constantly.

  3. I giggled at the same thing. I think we had the same radiostation going.

    I do the ‘bleep bleep’ with the car to make sure it’s locked.

  4. I get a bit anal about dirty dishes and things piled in the sink.

    h a t e i t !

    I don’t mind having things piled up next to the sink before they go in the dishwasher – or in the sink *if* they’re soaking. Just piling everything in the sink so you have to unpack the tower of dishes etc just to use the tap…. arrgh!

  5. there’s another leebee ?

    I am so “don’t touch my stuff”. Everyone here is messy, and I am not. Just because you can’t find YOUR nailclippers ( etc ), do not steal mine ( and then misplace them ) because they are always put back neatly.

    And then do not lie about it.

  6. Open packets of anything drive me crazy. Put it in a sealed container! I don’t care if you’ve twisted the top of the chip packet, it’s still been opened!

    Unfortunately, this is something the males of the household have still not grasped despite me saying this on almost a daily basis.

  7. how things are put in the shopping trolley and then unpacked on the checkout.

    people who don’t indicate while driving.

    people who use the royal plural constantly.

    hee, and i’m on anti-anxiety tablets ;D

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