Procrastination nation

I remembered last week that I had a couple of metres of navy corduroy that I’d bought ages ago with the intention of making a skirt to wear to work. I never got around to doing it. Lately, I’ve become a little enamoured with the long (at least knee-length) skirt and long boots look. So I dug out the cord and found the pattern I’d bought at the same time. I ended up altering the pattern so the skirt is longer and instead of a twill tape tie I made an elastic waist. At this point it’s unfinished. I need to try the skirt on before I stitch up the elastic and decide where to hem. An opportunity to procrastinate! How could I refuse? I hope to get back to it  before Saturday so I can wear it to a  kids party at the neighbours’ house.

I have two other sewing projects looming on the horizon. The first requires cobbling together a formal outfit for the work awards night in July. I need to stitch together a skirt and short dress and make them look like they belong together, finished off with some bedazzling. It’s a Black & White theme. I’m dubious that this plan will work. But at least I have the new black shoes and a white fluffy wrap. If worse comes to worst I can just buy a simple black dress I suppose.

The other sewing project will involve a trip to IKEA. I hope to duplicate this storage solution in our living room by buying three white LACK side tables. I already have 2 red baskets to go underneath and hopefully will find a third at the same store. I had initially planned to build in some window seating and storage but am starting to wonder if that may be too hasty. Who knows what I might need from that space in years to come? So I think I’ll abandon the built-in idea for now and do this cheaper option. As for the sewing.. I still have the red and gold striped upholstery fabric I was saving for the window seat cushions. Now I think I will make one long cushion to go along the top of the three LACK side tables. The tables can then double as a play surface as well as impromptu seating.

Matt leaves tomorrow for a week in Sydney and elsewhere for various nerd things. I’ve heard of mining widows and even World of Warcraft widows, but Software development widows? If I started a club, would I be the only one?

My work has OK’d some training for me. Two training courses in the next financial year in either Sydney or Canberra – accommodation provided. I’m excited. Not so much by the training but by the paid accommodation, uninterrupted meals and sleep, no crying or screaming, other people cooking for me and other people tidying up after me.


  1. The ones I bought are exactly like those in the picture but red. I bought them from a homewares store in the Centro mall at Goulburn. They only had 2 so I’ll need to go back and have another look. Unfortunately, it’s not a chain store so I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I had to look elsewhere.

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