The first birthday extravaganza was a huge success. The home made cake tasted exactly like cake should and had a lovely moist density about it. I iced it with the Betty Crocker frosting, (gotta save time somewhere), though I did colour it and sprinkle the cake myself. Lincoln had a great time licking off all the icing and messing up his lovely tuxedo shirt.

King LIncoln1 CakeCake eaten

The cupcakes were very popular as were the ever-faithful party pies. The kids all seemed to have a marvellous time playing with our collection of toys, bikes, golf clubs, and the trampoline. And of course, they all helped Lincoln open his gifts and give them the appropriate test runs.

Lincoln was rather bemused when we all sang Happy Birthday. He was looking around at everyone with his mouth wide open and really didn’t know what to make of it all. It’s been quite fascinating to see his personality really blossoom only in the few days before his birthday. He’ll play games with us by peeking around objects and those two little teeth down the bottom add a whole new dimension to his smile.

Happy first Birthday, Linky.


  1. You can see your lettering design skills used on the cake. Love the “white outline” around the 1. xx Nanny

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