Matt came home yesterday. He called from the airport and Fraser answered the phone. I’ve never heard him sound more excited.

Matt was lucky to miss our week of sickness. After Fraser and Lincoln had both recovered, I came down with some 24 hour bug on Tuesday evening. It was most unpleasant and endured between feeding the kids their dinner, bath time, and getting them into bed. I  made fraser go to bed early so I could shower and sleep. Unfortunately, I barely slept a wink and was called for duty at least 3 or 4 times during the night. So with Matt’s lack of sleep on the plane, and my previous night’s sleep debt, it was Lights Out in our household at 8pm last night. The boys slept through all night and today I feel like a million bucks.

But before sleep it was the all important travel-booty giving time. Matt gave the boys an official Seattle Mariners baseball, and an American football. I got a book from what sounds like the world’s largest book store – Powell’s City of books. I’ve been told it’s four stories high and covers just about a whole city block.

The countdown is on for Lincoln’s birthday. He turns the big 1.0 in a touch less than 36 hours and tomorrow the preparations will begin.

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