Fraser is either bored, or he’s having a growth spurt. He is eating me out of house and home. He’ll have something and then come back two minutes later saying he’s still hungry. I got sick of making stuff and enabling him to develop snacky eating habits like mine. So I came up with an eating schedule that seems to be working.Breakfast happens around 7am. Then I allow morning tea at 9ish while he watches ABCKids. Lunch is at 12ish. Afternoon tea at 3ish. If he’s telling me in between those times that he’s hungry then I point him to the fruit bowl or the fruit in the fridge. At least if he’s genuinely hungry he’s getting the food he needs instead of snacky things, and even if he is bored and not really hungry, then he’s eating stuff that’s good for him. Now as I write that down it seems like such a fundamentally basic thing. Well, of course, muser. But this is the first time I’ve experienced this, literally, constant eating. So three bananas eaten in one day, not to mention several apples. I bought one of those apple coring, peeling, slicing devices with the turny handle and it is in and out of the pantry several times a day. Tomorrow is shopping day. Lucky for fraser’s appetite.

So my week of kiddy-illness got worse last week. Fraser recovered but the Lincoln’s cold got quite bad. Enough to have me whisk them off to the doctor on Saturday morning. Ears and throat a nice crimson colour, I was offered a prescription just incase they become infected. So far so good. I’ve had the vaporiser going the last two night, as well as the Vicks on the chest. We’re back to the sleep-through’s there. Thank dog. I’ve become accustomed to those in the last few weeks.

I had some lovely pics of party bunting but I b0rked the flashcard by removing it too hastily from the USB reader. So no pics for you, until after the party. I will say though, I cut too many triangles and now I have a stash of felt bits. Martha Stewart has some nice ideas, like this one. I’m not overly inspired yet, though. I’ll see what else I can turn up.

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