You may have noticed I do most of my posting on a Wednesday. It’s my first day back at work for the week and a rare opportunity to spend five quiet minutes stitching my thoughts together.

I nearly didn’t make it here today. Fraser was ill yesterday. We arrived at swimming lesson and while waiting for his turn he did a huge puke at the side of the pool. Lincoln was hastily dumped back in the pram while I tried in vain to catch the puke in a towel. So the swimming lesson was cancelled (at full fee) and we made a brief grocery shopping trip before coming home. He barely ate a thing all day but was happy enough laying on the couch watching ABCKids. After a twelve hour marathon sleep, in my bed, he woke up with appetite and motor-mouth intact.

An unappealing start to my Matt-less week-and-a-half. He left on Monday to go to Portland, OR for a nerd convention. Fraser was delighted to see him on Skype video.  I’ve got so much to do with the preparation of Lincoln’s party that I’m sure the time will fly. I’ve already made the birthday cake, (using a ‘1’ shaped tin that I hired from the swimming school), which has been frozen for icing on the day, some cupcakes,  one string of bunting and I’ve cleaned all the cobwebs off the front porch. I still need to tidy up the patio and do some other general tidying indoors.

Yesterday Lincoln worked out how to put those coloured donuts on the post. He did it over and over. He also loves throwing a ball on the floor and seeing it bounce and roll away. Duplo people are often used as dummies and there’s nothing better than finding someone’s, i.e. Fraser’s, discarded sandwich.

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