So how was yours?

Mothers’ Day, that is? I hope it was a happy day. My haul included a card made at daycare by Fraser, a finger painting from Lincoln along with a little magnetic laminated photo of him in the bath at daycare (very cute),  some iTunes money from Matt, and i won the second prize in the playgroup raffle – chocolates, a bottle of plonk, and Avon jewellery that I’d donated. Now I’ve got that back I can donate it again to the next raffle. *snort*

Matt took Mum and I out for brunch at a cafe. Bacon, eggs, toast and champagne. Yum. Lucky Mum had a decent morning because the afternoon was tense with a visit to Nana at the nursing home, and then a visit for her to the emergency room for confirmation of a fractured rib!

Well I expect this coming weekend to be better. I’m going up, sans husband and kids, for a date with a  hairdresser, and a lunch date with a school friend whom I haven’t seen since my 30th birthday. She’s moving to Switzerland and, thanks to Facebook (it is good for something), we’ve been able to orchestrate a get-together. Mum is trying to fit in a theatre visit for the Saturday night but we’ll wait and see. This will be Matt’s first overnight alone with both boys. Seeing as L is now sleeping through I doubt there’ll be much drama.

I figured I should have Matt pay out on some of his credits as he’s about to go O/S for a week and a half on the boss’s coin. 

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