11 months

Another month to go and Lincoln will be ONE. Invitations are going out for his party. I’ve decided on a brown, light blue and white (or cream) colour scheme. I’ll go to Spoitlight when I’m in Sydney next weekend and buy some material to knock up some party bunting.
New skillz? He’s just started putting the roll-a-round balls in the dinosaur, he’s learning to walk behind his walker, HE SLEPT THROUGH UNTIL 5am LAST NIGHT!!, and the tooth he did have coming up has gone back down again. :o He dances to music that he likes and I know I’ve said this before, but ZOMG, he’s just so extremely cute!

We had some rare time alone on the weekend as Matt and Fraser went up to Sydney to see the drag races. They stayed over and visited the ILs the next day. So Lincoln and I went for a long walk together up to the end of our road. All the horses and sheep came over to say hello so I parked him there in the pram for a little while to check them out.

Fraser is doing alot more drawing and craft these days. I went over yesterday to have lunch with him. (Parents are invited in to daycare to have lunch in the lead up to mothers’ day.) I had the opportunity to look through his journal. There were attempts at cutting out circles, tracing patterns,  and the kids have had some help with learning how to write their name. Fraser isn’t too confident on this part yet, but now that he’s interested in drawing and colouring in we might see a quicker improvement.

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  1. Don’t you just love the up again, down again of the cutting teeth. Sam’s been trying to cut these two for a month now.

    New to your blog, but enjoying it.

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