The dentist and The cook

I’ve just returned from the dentist. The dentist was running about 40 minutes behind. I took a lunch hour appointment so wound up late back to work. It wasn’t entirely wasted though, I had a lovely snooze in their comfortable leather waiting room couch.
(Broke a tooth eating popcorn. This same thing happened about 5 years ago. When will I learn? Perhaps this will help me break the snacking cycle.)

Last weekend we went across to Bulli. We had a first birthday party to go to in Thirroul so we made a weekend of it.



The party was in the park at the beach and it was lovely day. So lovely in fact, that a group of boys all decided to go swimming. All of us ill-prepared, due to suspected bad weather, they ended up going in with the undies on. Lincoln did what Fraser used to do at the same age and just hovered around the ice.

We were so lucky to have nice weather as on the Monday it was bitterly cold. At least it was at our place. It was rumoured to even snow, but it didn’t get that bad.

We’re back in the regular groove of things now that school holidays are over. Swimming lessons resumed; playgroup starts back this Friday. That should be interesting. Lincoln started saying “mumumumum” on Monday and we can see a bottom tooth starting to peek through, at last. He’s cruising the furniture with much more confidence and every now and then will let go of something before plopping down. Two weeks ago I introduced a formula dreamfeed. I’ve actually bought a tin of formula and I expect it may be the only tin we go through as he’ll be just about able to wean to cows milk. It’s made a huge difference to the night times. Most nights he will now sleep through until 4am. At that stage he wants to be with me so comes to bed and will go back to sleep until after 6am. Most times I don’t need to breastfeed him until we get up. Considering Fraser was on fulltime formula at 3 months, good on me. I do believe we will see in the 12 month mark and maybe more.

I’ve been getting a bit more creative with our dinner menus lately. On my non-work days I have much more time to do prep-work. So Monday night we had Fish baskets and last night we had cheesy broccoli crepes. We’re fans of the evil cheese so last night’s dinner was tres tasty, especially with a side of tomatoes provencale. Tonight is a boring old silverside but it’s in the slow cooker, and Matt’s in charge of sides as we have a guest staying, so minimal effort required from me. A meal cooked by something/someone else is just as good as an “exciting” new dish cooked by me.

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