Martha Moments

It doesn’t happen often but every now and then I have particularly inspired days where domestic and/or crafty lovelies happen. Yesterday was a good one. I made meat pies in muffin trays. They turned out a bit bigger than party pies but got a little bit stuck around the sides so it wasn’t perfect. Still very tasty.  And I made ham and cheese bread from a recipe, not from a box,  so it’s the first time it turned out nice and fluffy.

Fraser even had a crafty day, which is something he rarely does. He knows Anzac Day is coming up so he pretended to make anzac cookies. Then he practiced his cuttings skills and made a shoe. So I punched holes and threaded it with fuzzy laces.


It seems much easier for us to do these things lately as I used to try and save these moments of inspiration up for when Lincoln was asleep. In the last few days though, he has been able to sit and play happily or crawl around and explore rooms. He’s been staying up longer before going back for a nap and is generally much happier through the day.

We’ve finally got the beginnings of a front-bottom tooth breaking the gum. Bonjela has become a food group. I’m on my 4th tube and this is the first tooth we’ve actually seen. He’s recently begun shaking his head which is kind of cute, and he enjoys sitting on the trampoline while Fraser jumps around us. I’m finally filling in my lovely Anne Geddes baby book for Lincoln. Pretty good going considering I’ve only done snippets of Fraser’s book. Photo sorting and and baby info documenting are at the top of my me-time agenda at present.

Like the old coalminer’s lament I’m “another year older, and deeper in debt”. (My birthday weekend was good. I celebrated with 3 kinds of cake and nice champagne. We had our mothers group friends stay over. Always nice to see the kids enjoying themselves, and of course, we get to have some adult conversation.) We’re about to settle on an investment property – a one bedroom apartment in Sydney. I don’t really think about it too much as we don’t stand to see much change to our lifestyles for ten or so years.

I’m already plotting a lengthy European holiday though.

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